We love writer's cramp!

While locals love our shell ornaments, tourists love them even more! They're unique, easy to travel with, original art, signed by the artist, and they make great gifts. Considering how much work is involved, the prices are reasonable as well.

We tailor designs to your particular location. It could be a local lighthouse, a particular flower, or even a cheeseburger. You know what your customers like, and we want to get the shells sold just as much as you! We are happy to design a sample of your vision and go from there.

Whether they are purchased or sold under consignment, we sell our shells at a wholesale price of $15 each. Most retailers price them at $30, but we have seen them range from $20 to $40. We prefer a miniumum order of a dozen, but are willing to make exceptions. If you have the space near your register at your retail location, we can provide you with a driftwood display like the one in the photo. The shells sell quite well in a visible location.

We look forward to building a relationship with you!

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